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Reforged Podcast

Austin Rasmussen (Veteran DM and Screenwriter) revisits his old campaigns! But this time, he's gathering a whole new cast of heroes to Reforge fate itself. Join our adventurers every Friday for hilarious quests filled with laughs, tears ... and then more laughs.

Our Heroes:

Zoë Shane (Pippi Farewell)

Ian Early (Ashaki "Hugs" Ogalukanu)

Ty (Talvar Olenn)

Ryan Rasmussen (Melma)



Jun 16, 2018

In Albatross: The City of Stability, there will finally be change. 

Join us for Women in Tabletop Gaming Month with our full-female cast! Meet the Douglass Sisters: Sarah (Val) Kyrie (Anya) Laurel (Daine) and Zoe (Zee). 

 Special Thanks to StoneOcean for allowing us to use their music!

Our Actors:

Maxximillian Dafoe (Gaeis)



MacKenzie Sky (Kayla Andrews)

Felicia Taylor (Shiva & Tanya the Bartender)