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Reforged Podcast

Austin Rasmussen (Veteran DM and Screenwriter) revisits his old campaigns! But this time, he's gathering a whole new cast of heroes to Reforge fate itself. Join our adventurers every Friday for hilarious quests filled with laughs, tears ... and then more laughs.

Our Heroes:

Zoë Shane (Pippi Farewell)

Ian Early (Ashaki "Hugs" Ogalukanu)

Ty (Talvar Olenn)

Ryan Rasmussen (Melma)



May 15, 2018

The Buunch must confront the Raven Queen. With Umbra's guidance, they might make it out alive. 

In this episode, our heroes travel to the Raven capital of Mire. There, they endure the secrets of the city, hunting for serpents in the catacombs.