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Reforged Podcast

Austin Rasmussen (Veteran DM and Screenwriter) revisits his old campaigns! But this time, he's gathering a whole new cast of heroes to Reforge fate itself. Join our adventurers every Friday for hilarious quests filled with laughs, tears ... and then more laughs.

Our Heroes:

Zoë Shane (Pippi Farewell)

Ian Early (Ashaki "Hugs" Ogalukanu)

Ty (Talvar Olenn)

Ryan Rasmussen (Melma)



Apr 23, 2018

After investigating the Serpent Ruins, the Buunch continue on to the Raven coastline, the site of the mysterious battle, seen from the Polestar Observatory. What was that strange dark-winged creature? Which side won the battle? Find out this week! 


**Artist Spotlight**

Song: Suurin

Album: Lys

Artist: Kati Ran - 

Apr 7, 2018

Under Captain Ivory's tutelage, the Buunch have achieved enlightenment...and leveled up! Just in time to arrive at the Serpent Ruins. The threads of fate have led them here. What might they find slumbering in the waters below?