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Reforged Podcast

Austin Rasmussen (Veteran DM and Screenwriter) revisits his old campaigns! But this time, he's gathering a whole new cast of heroes to Reforge fate itself. Join our adventurers every Friday for hilarious quests filled with laughs, tears ... and then more laughs.

Our Heroes:

Zoë Shane (Pippi Farewell)

Ian Early (Ashaki "Hugs" Ogalukanu)

Ty (Talvar Olenn)

Ryan Rasmussen (Melma)



Mar 31, 2018

The battle rages on! The Buunch have fought expertly, but even they may have met their match. Who is this ominous dragonborn? Who does he command? These are not normal pirates. 

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Mar 23, 2018

The Buunch are the newest crew members of the Alabaster. When the ship comes under attack, our heroes fight back! Join us for combat filled with more Natural 20's and critical fails than you can believe!

Also, these guys blow the DM's mind, using a spell in a never-before seen way!

Mar 17, 2018

The Magisters' Tournament is over. 

Now our Heroes find themselves in the company of Magister Khoryll. What quest did he have in mind? What in the world was that geyser? What happened in the Raven Lands!?

Find out this week!


Artist Spotlight: Ben Rusch (Jasmine Brunch)

You heard: 'Grace' on the album 'Mews' 


Mar 10, 2018

It's day 2 of the Magister's Tournament!


After an absolutely crazy orientation, even the Magisters couldn't predict what would happen next! Get ready and jump on this rollercoaster as Hugs (Ian Early), Pippi Farewell (Zoë Shane), and Talvar (Ty) really outdo themselves. Today is full of might, magic, and...

Mar 3, 2018

In this pilot, the fate of The Lands of the Kindred will be Reforged!

Join us for laughs and tears, as a veteran Dungeon Master re-opens one of his previous campaigns and lets a whole new unruly cast romp all over it. 

Gathered around the table are: Zoë Shane (Pippi Farewell), Ian Early (Ashaki "Hugs" Ogalukanu),...